Flying in the middle of the wind.. Watching the sky pass by.. Feeling blur and blurry.. The clouds just like the blur life.. The sky just like the blue feeling.. The wind just like the fresh air.. But the heart just like the broken wings.. Blown away all the reality The desire wants all but […]

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As a leader, as a writer, as a thinker, as a tinkerer, I perform many roles, just like we all do. The chameleon, the pleaser, the hater, the lover, the fearful, the fearless, the wonderer, the doer, the wanderer, the sitter, the sane, the psychopath, the peacenik, the warmonger, the nothing,…

Originally posted on treetrunkdings:
Finally, after all these years! You know what they say, just because you don’t believe people are tracking you doesn’t me they aren’t. Well, here’s the proof.  I read an article about Collusion and downloaded the app.  Attached below is a chart of the entities that’ve tracked me while I surfed…

The Answer..

Sometimes i want to know all the answers.. But i won’t ask.. Because i realized the answer can’t answer all my questions.. So many unspeakable words that Time, space and place can’t answer.. I need to know this is right or wrong.. I need to know this is will hurt me or not.. Only time […]

Jokes Has It :D

Updates On Facebook The maid did not show up for work so the house wife called her in an angry voice and scolded her. “What is wrong with you? If you were not to come you should have told me.” The Maid explained, “Ma’am I had already announced on my facebook page that I was […]


“Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.” – Benjamin Franklin Time.. Time just passed by and leaving mark in our life.. Time keep running and leaves us behind.. Time is a time..   Time makes us stronger.. Time makes us who we really are.. Time is a time..   Time have no […]