Camels and llamas can cross breed.

You may be familiar with cross-species breeding. The most notable example is the mule, a cross between a donkey and a horse. Another prominent example made popular by Napoleon Dynamite is of course the Liger. The Liger, despite what the movie would have you believe, really just looks like a very bulky, very large maneless lion with faded stripes.

Crossbred animals are usually sterile, so they can’t reproduce on their own. New hybrids have to be made from the parents species. A llama and camel, when crossbred, produce what is called a cama. So far, only one has ever been documented.

She was born in 1995. She was humpless and with a long fluffy coat like a llama, but had ears and long, strong legs like a camel. You can see the cama, along with her parents, on the right.


There is a small island near Bali that openly sells and embraces magic mushrooms.


The island is called Gili Trawangan, and is a small island where magic mushroom milkshakes are sold out in the open. Trawangan is only two hours from Bali by boat or twenty minutes by plane. There, numerous shops sell the milkshakes and there are signs saying things like “Mega Maximum Radical Mushrooms – Your Return Trip To The Moon.”

Even though the island has a strong Muslim culture, most of the young people eat mushrooms. Apparently, some people there are more angered over teenage drinking than mushroom use.

Stranger still is that though consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms there is fine, if caught smoke weed one could spend five years in jail. If caught dealing weed, one could even get the death penalty.




In the 2002 Iraqi election, Saddam Hussein’s campaign song was Whitney Huston’s ‘I will always love you.’


There’s a lot to look forward to during election time; conventions, debates, catchy beats. You know what I’m talking about; those upbeat tunes that ring like freedom at rallies, speeches, and pretty whenever a candidate walks into a room.

And for hundreds of years, U.S presidential candidates and leaders from all over the world, have continued the tradition of embarrasing themselves by choosing the wrong song. Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein carefully picked out Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” for his sham campaign in 2002.

Syrian pop star Mayyada Bselees’ Arabic cover of the love ballad (originally written and performed by Dolly Parton) was broadcast on dawn-to-dusk radio spots from Baghdad to Basra. So there you go folks, Saddam Hussein will always love you.

An NFL player once got the game ball for pooping on the sideline and nobody noticing!


At the end of every victory, coaches in Football teams usually get what’s called the Game Ball. It’s a ball that was used during the game and commemorates the victory. They coaches usually give the game ball to a player, group of players, or coach that performed particularly well during the game.

Sometimes, however, it happens for gross and bizarre reasons too. Wes Welker, wide receiver for the New England Patriots said in an interview that teammate Larry Izzo once had to make an emergency #2 and couldn’t get to a bathroom. So he took a dump in the sidelines. What’s more, nobody found out at the time. For this, he got the game ball.

Apparently this wasn’t a point of shame for the player. Welker said that Izzo would be upset if he tried to claim that the poop didn’t happen. He even claimed that the game ball was his most prized possession and he even has Super Bowl rings!

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