Flying in the middle of the wind..
Watching the sky pass by..
Feeling blur and blurry..

The clouds just like the blur life..
The sky just like the blue feeling..
The wind just like the fresh air..
But the heart just like the broken wings..
Blown away all the reality

The desire wants all but the mind blocked away the thought..
And now its empty..
Its better empty than full of nothing..
But emptiness is killing..
And killing the time is hurting but its worth it..

By : Cloudy Sky..

Me, My Self And I


One thought on “CLOUDY SKY

  1. Longer

    Longer than every fishes in the ocean
    Higher than any bird ever flew
    Longer than there’ve been stars up in the heavens
    I’be been in love with you
    (I am in love with you)

    Stronger than any mountain cathedral
    Truer than any tree ever grew
    Deeper than any forest primeval
    I am in love with you

    I’ll bring fire in the winters
    You’ll sent showers in the springs
    We’ll fly through the falls
    And summers with love upon my wings

    Through the years
    As the fire starts to mellow
    Burning lines in the book of our lives
    Though the binding cracks
    And the pages start to yellow
    I’ll be in love with you
    I’ll be in love with you

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