As a leader, as a writer, as a thinker, as a tinkerer, I perform many roles, just like we all do.

The chameleon, the pleaser, the hater, the lover, the fearful, the fearless, the wonderer, the doer, the wanderer, the sitter, the sane, the psychopath, the peacenik, the warmonger, the nothing, the everything…

Conscious of who I am, sometimes conscious of who I’m trying to be when I’m not trying to be anything.

Aware that censorship is an integral part of who we are but also part of us we don’t need to nurture in every situation.

Perfectly imperfect.

We pick and choose our personality traits.

I love my subculture for what it gives people but it doesn’t give me everything I want, need, desire, pine for, resist, admire, or other cultural symbols we call words which represent ideas or meme sets.

For instance, there is the “Jenn,” a set…

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