Woman In The Corner

In the middle of the shadows and the dim light..
There is a -trying woman thinking- playing with fun and imagination..
She is not a writer, she is not a dreamer..
She is a Woman To Be..
To be taugh..
To be wild..
To be Loved..
To be what she wants to be..
Inside what ‘she wants to be’, there is a small playground in the past that makes her playing in her own large playground now..
But in that playground she knows,she is not alone..
But even she’s not alone.. She do not need anyone else..
She just need her self..
She kinda private wild woman with the big K heart.. Kindness..
You can see a sharp shape eyes in her face..
But her heart Vulnerable like a melt ice cream..
Who is she???
She is the woman in the Corner..

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