The Answer..

Sometimes i want to know all the answers..

But i won’t ask..

Because i realized the answer can’t answer all my questions..

So many unspeakable words that Time, space and place can’t answer..

I need to know this is right or wrong..

I need to know this is will hurt me or not..

Only time can answer..

Sometimes it feels like a game..

Sometimes it feels no one would understand..

This is real or this is not real?

When we exist in this world, do we know what we will be and become?

There is any instructions for our life?? Nope.. Why?

Only our self can answer why..

I got mine, and you’ve got yours..

Because it not to answer but to creating about..

We creating our own life..

We creating our own happiness..

When we creating that,there would will be any mistakes.. Is it ok? is it fine?

Thats why we keep questioning why and scared..

We scared for the feeling -not right- and feeling the pain..


Everyone makes mistake,i makes mistakes and you makes mistakes..

Everyone scared,i scared and you scared..

But the important things is to keep hold on..

Keep hold on In our believe..

Keep hold on In our Hope..

For the subtitles please press the CC button.. Thank you..


But i’m blocked all my believe and hope!!

I already locked it up and throw the key..

So i wont feel the pain and hurt anymore 😀



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