Listen to this song while you are reading my post guys 🙂

Have a nice day..


Its all white..

White is purity..

Purity means simplicity..

And simplicity of all is THOUGHT..

Write your thought in the white paper then your though will become your life..

When your thought is not right take an eraser, delete it and make a new one..

When the whole paper is full take another paper and write again about another thought..

At first your thought is about your self but you will see in the next, next, next paper it is not about your self..

But there is another person in that paper..

It is explain how others influence us in our LIFE..

How other peoples taught us something..

How other peoples gives us something..

In fact we not live alone in this world, there is peoples inside our life affected us..

The people inside our life will bring bad or good influence, bitter or sweet experiences..

But can not change who we really are..

The people inside our life or surrounding us help us for a good reason even maybe they dont like you or cruel at you..

They right beside us, so we can get thru our life and makes our EXPERIENCES..

Experiences makes us rich..

Experiences makes who we really are..

Rich doesn’t mean money..

Rich doesn’t mean power..

There is something money and power can’t buy.. 2L

Love deeply, Laugh lots, Live life..



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