Negative to Positive

When we realized that not every things run just like we want and when we not complaining about it and believe that things are supposed to happen for keep us learning and understand that’s what makes our life so colouful.

When we keep the negative thinking continuously, we will be a negative person and it will determine our perspective about others. Learn to talk in positive way, act in positive way and have a positve thoughts even in that progress we will makes any mistake it will not become a problem because from our mistakes we will learn the- truth about being right- and for the -truth about being right- we will made any mistake.

Life is worth it not because the right things we made but life is worth it when we made a mistake  and trying to fix it and when we fall down or failed and we still can stand and grateful for all the things that happen in our life and appreciate our life..

Signature of the silence

-Me my self and I-

Song for sleep today


3 thoughts on “Negative to Positive

    • yes you were right about that,negative thought just wasting our time and energy but sometimes in the fact people hardly to have just a positive thought they always have their ‘dark side of negative’
      same as you,im constantly remainding my self to be a positive person..

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