This is the beginning when it comes to an end.
Should i be happy or should i be sad for what happened in my life.

All i know is everything happen for a reason and the reason is i don’t know.

Maybe some other peoples think you are crazy or stupid or whatever they will think about you. But it’s not important what they’d think about you. The matters is what are you doing to live your life and do the right things for your self and others.

Yes this is me,my name is Chanel.. Chanel sita
And the story about what we called LIFE.

Life seems not easy when you feel UN-easy.
Life seems not funny when you feel UN-funny.
The point is what you have in your mind and what you feel about your yourself.
Because the center about what will you think and feel is what you have inside.
Inside your self there are so much powerful things that u never realize.
The life it self.

There is a story in the world named UN-known.

Where you can find a fairy tale and reality.
A fairy tale for all the children and a reality of life for all the adults.
When all the children is looking for candy and cookies, and the adults looking for money and happiness.

Where should i begin?
It begin when you think its begin, but the truth is there is “no begin” in here.
Because when everything is just going to happen its happen without care where’s “it begin”.
In fairy tale everything is going to be find and they will live happily ever after.
But in the reality everything is going to be find when you have money and everything you want (even sometimes you even don’t need that) and will live not happy at all.

But both in fairy tale and reality the clock is keep tick tock and running.
Can you chasing the time or having back the time that have gone? Can you?
No you can not. But that is not the point im going to tell you all.
Its not about the chasing or having back the time, its about how you holding on in the time that will keep running.

Do you know why the clock is tick tock (running)? And why should from left to right?
Because as a human being there is a time for everything. There is a time for live and there is a time to die, time when you getting old and not always young.
Whatever you will do in your life the time will not stop running for you.
Time is the measuring point in for life.
Why from left to right?
Because there are rules in life, rules that you should pay attention of and learning by your self.
Because life is a process and to keep learn is the core process of all and the key is YOUR SELF.
Only you can creating your own happiness.
You choose your own LIFE! Life is about choices right?!

Things NOT TO understand BUT TO live with..                                                                       Questions NOT TO asking to, BUT TO be compare with..
Answers NOT TO searching for, BUT TO creating for..

And life was designed when you keep holding on in the time that will keep running no matter how hard it is, follow the rules and NOT TO, BUT TO..

Not easy? i just said it easy when you say its easy too.. Not to, But to..

Love your life

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.


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